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Horace Blakely began his painting business in Los Angeles, CA shortly after World War II. In 1946, Mr. Blakely answered the call to provide craftsmanship during the post-war boom. Blakely’s company became one of Southern California’s premier provider of commercial painting, texturizing and wall covering. The future of the Blakely Company lay in the hands of a young apprentice J.R. Grzeskowiak.

In 1989, Grzeskowiak purchased The Blakely Company with the dedication of continuing and building upon the expert craftsmanship Horace Blakely incubated 33 years prior. J.R., as his clients, family and friends call him, persevered to ensure his craftspeople were the best in the business. He understood the importance of training his people in all aspects of technique, materials, safety, and above all, responsibility.

The Blakely Company continued to service clients in and around Los Angeles, and later spread its service throughout Southern California and Nevada. Millions of gallons of paint later, The Blakely Company continues its premier painting, wall covering and texturizing service for some of Southern California’s structures like the Downtown office buildings, hotels, amusement parks, universities, schools, sports stadiums, and many Q Award winning properties. Blakely’s bonded service in excess of $1.5 million allows them to work on nearly any project within the industry.

J.R. Grzeskowiak attributes Blakely’s success to the many personal relationships that they continue to develop with clients. The Blakely Company’s service, quality dependability and expertise is what keeps Blakely a solid contributor to the beauty of Southern California’s buildings.

J.R. is a former board of director of the Los Angeles Painting & Finishing Contractors Association, and was the former chairman of the PDCA’s Legislative Committee. His emphasis has always been on the continued quality of personnel training, and the betterment of the industry in general. The Blakely Company is always open to receive inquiries from potential clients who are interested in dependable, quality driven, safe and expert service.

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